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Player Registration

All Registration Activities Are  Now Open

Cheerleading Team -last day to register is July 28th

Tackle Football Registration (Note Bantams is full, and all 7th graders will be put on the waitlist)

Peewee Tackle Football Registration

Coaching Registration

Walk in the Tour de Terrace Parade July 19th

Golf Tournament 

Registration Information:

Registration Process

Players will not be confirmed on a team roster

until all registration steps are completed including Age and address Verification

Registration Process Details:

  1. What is an Eligible Player?

    • All players that live within the Edmonds-Woodway HS boundary area and the Edmonds School District boundary area or are otherwise eligible to attend Edmonds-Woodway HS or other Edmonds School District high school.

    • All roster spots are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

  2. Payment Made in Full

    • Payments can be made online by credit or debit card on the registration site

    • If you would like to set up a payment plan, please register using the $50.00 option.

    • We will set up invoicing for you to pay the remaining balance before the start of the season.

  3. Proof of Age/Grade and Address

    • This must be uploaded as part of the registration process.

    • You will need to have your students most recent progress report or skyward screenshot showing student information.

    • You will need to have a copy or screen shot of a major utility bill with your name and address.​

  4.  Players that have not completed all registration steps above are not guaranteed a roster spot.

    • Roster spots are awarded on a first come, first served basis, based on completion of all registration steps.

  5. Players are provided all equipment and uniforms needed with the exception of cleats and a mouthguard. Uniforms and equipment are issued to players before the opening Jamboree.  

  6.  All registration steps must be completed above in order to practice or receive a uniform.

Why are football sign-ups so early?
All sports are unique and come with their own set of challenges - football perhaps more than any other.  Here is a quick summary of some of the challenges we face:

Team size - Other sports have smaller teams (fewer players per team) and there is more flexibility in adding or consolidating teams in basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. as opposed to football.  If we have 28 registrations we could choose to have 3, 4 or 5 basketball teams, but we could only have 1 football team.

Coaches - Coaches are very important in any sport, but they are critical in football.  We experienced this first hand last year when we unexpectedly lost a couple of great head coaches just as season started (in 16 years this has never happened before).  Football is the only sport I know of where eleven players execute a plan every down.  There's a lot to know, a lot to teach, and EWJF works very hard to provide the best possible coaching in our program. It's virtually impossible to add teams last minute and put together a quality, successful coaching staff. 

Equipment - Football equipment and uniforms must be ordered several months in advance of the season.  For example, we ordered our jerseys in January.  It is very difficult and very expensive to get additional uniforms and equipment at the last minute.

Fields - Sports fields and facilities are always in short supply.  We have to confirm our field rentals and dates several months in advance and we're always faced with competition for fields with other sports such as soccer.

In a nutshell, football requires a lot of planning and logistics.  The earlier we know how many players we have, the more successful we can be.

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