and Uniforms
Edmonds Warriors Junior Football

supplies all of the equipment that

your player will need except for

cleats, a mouth guard and an

athletic supporter and cup.
This includes: Helmet, chin strap,

shoulder pads, hip pads, tailbone pad,

thigh pads, knee pads, practice jersey, practice pants, game jersey and game pants.
Our equipment is the highest quality to insure maximum protection and safety for our players.
Cleats must comply with National Federation of High School Rules which requires that football cleats be Rubber Soled Cleats OR Replaceable (Detachable) Cleats with Plastic Soles – the cleats can be no longer than ½”.
Cleats do not have to be a specific brand, model or color.  Most players wear black cleats, some wear white or green.
Mouthguards must have a strap that attaches to the facemask.

WJFL teams can use rubber, synthetic leather, or leather covered footballs.

   Level               Football Size
   Flag                 »  Pee Wee
   Rookies          »  Junior
   Cubs               »   Junior
   Sophomores  »  Junior
   Jr Varsity         »  Youth
   Varsity            »   Youth

Footballs must be labeled as “Pee Wee”, "Junior" or "Youth" size and otherwise be compliant with NFHS rules.

Player Suit-Ups
Players suit ups are by conducted by appointment the week of July 29th. Registered players will receive an email invitation to schedule a suit-up appointment beginning July 19th.

Player suit-ups are held at our equipment building located at:  6824 212th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Confirmed and available appointments will be posted here.

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