2020 Season Status/Update

as of June 24th:

Will there be a youth football season for the Edmonds Warriors this year?
The short answer is "We don't know".

All activities, including youth sports and specifically youth football, are subject to government restrictions and guidelines.  Our league (GEJFA) voted earlier this year to adhere to the guidelines that the State of Washington provides to school districts through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The OSPI has delegated the WIAA to provide the guidelines for each sport. The WIAA has provided recommendations to the OSPI for the return of sports to schools in the fall.  If you are interested you can access the football specific recommendations published June 22nd here:

Under these guidelines we would be able to begin football practice under very restricted conditions when we reach Phase 3 of the Safe Start reopening plan.  Practices under Phase 3 would essentially be limited to conditioning and agility.  Players would not be able to share any equipment, including a football - in other words they would not even be able to throw and catch passes.

The ability to practice effectively and play football comes when we reach Phase 4.  Unfortunately no one knows when we will reach each Phase 3 or Phase 4.  Snohomish county entered Phase 2 on June 6th.  However, King County entered Phase 2 on June 22nd - keep in mind that 90% of our league is located in King County.  Each phase must remain in place for a minimum of 3 weeks and requires that specific criteria be achieved in order for a county to apply to move to the next phase.

What does all this mean for the 2020 football season?
In order for a 2020 season to be viable, we need to reach Phase 3 before the end of July and Phase 4 before the end of August.  At our league meeting last night it was decided to hold a "go/no-go" vote at our July 21st meeting.

For the Edmonds Warriors to have a football season in 2020 three things must happen:

  1.     It must be allowed under government guidelines

  2.     The league must vote to go ahead with a 2020 season

  3.     EWJF must have enough players to field teams

The majority of our players are not registered because most parents have been watching and waiting to make their decision.  In order for EWJF to determine if we will have enough players we need to get players registered.  In order to facilitate registration without risk the following been implemented effective June 24th:

  •     You can register your player for only $20 - simply select "Payment Plan" at checkout.

  •     If EWJF does not have a 2020 season, registration fees will be refunded.

If you are interested in having your player(s) participate in football this fall, it is important that you complete registration ASAP in order for EWJF to make a decision to move forward with a season if we clear items 1 and 2 above.

As always, registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Chris Gradwohl

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