2020 Season Status/Update

as of July 24th:

Will there be a youth football season for the Edmonds Warriors this year?
There will not be a Fall football season.  There may be a Spring football season.

No Fall Football
On July 21st the WIAA announced that there would not be a fall high school football season.  Instead, they have implemented four sports seasons for the 2020-2021 school year and scheduled football during Season 3 which is tentatively scheduled to run from late February to early May.  Based on the WIAA directive and the commitment to the safety and well-being of participants the GEJFA made the painful decision to cancel the Fall 2020 youth football season.

Potential Spring Football Season
The GEJFA is exploring the possibility of a Spring 2021 season that would coincide with the WIAA’s high school football calendar.  The GEJFA Council will make a decision in October regarding a Spring 2021 season.

Chris Gradwohl

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